Dear fan/guest/etc.,

Stress Health works and rests to help our community improve the positive need.

This photo shows a smiling Spirit Wave during his nice hike on a beautiful sunny day.

Whether you enjoy working out, resting in, working in, and/or resting out, Stress Health entertainment serves healthier being (albeit sometimes in an odd, but still friendly, way).

This website casually introduces the Stress Health entertainment ecosystem (enteco), but also expresses Stress Health's informational roots.

Stress Health is growing organically, and may even grow into a vast community spanning all health issues (think entertainment layer to raise public awareness), so there's all kinds of opportunities for all kinds of folks.

Stress Health grows within a larger enteco called All Sines, which contains a dynamic offering including a handful of other entecos matching my deep involvement and the inability to guarantee museum quality results, but guarantee museum quality effort.

Audio Sculptures

Primarily focused upon audio sculpting for healthy stress tuning, here's my latest sampling for your (preferably positive) listening convenience:

All Stress Health audio sculptures can be conveniently heard (including optionally freely downloaded or nicely purchased) at Stress Health's Bandcamp location.


Moreover, my humble contribution to Stress Health involves three perpetual campaigns.

Mind Healthy

To help millions of people (including someone very close to me), Mind Healthy is committed to help our global community challenge Alzheimer's disease and ultimately improve mental health for everyone.

More: Mind Healthy

Respect Cannabis

Cannabis (the scientific term for Marijuana) Prohibition is ending (based upon the whole truth and nothing but), and the resulting stress impact (for worst through best) demands public awareness righteously apart from the 'cannabis is all good' or 'cannabis is all bad' spin.

Recklessly abusing this potentially very powerful psychedelic is extremely discouraged, but cannabis can easily be responsibly (including mildly and consistently) consumed to help individuals negate unhealthy stress, so Respect Cannabis doesn't conflict with Mind Healthy (quite the contrary).

More: Respect Cannabis


One of two triggering events must occur for any change to the status of this dormant campaign, so please never ask me (literally the only person with any information on the matter – e.g. even family and closest friends have no relevant knowledge, so please don't annoy them) about it prior to that triggering.

More: ???

Help Us All

Three main ways to help Stress Health help others helping others (and so on):

1. Buy Stress Health

Resources are needed for any exercise, so feel free to feel obligated to financially contribute to Stress Health thankyouness (any amount is appreciated).

2. Join Our Team

Joining our Stress Health team is (at least arguably) easy.

3. Spread Our Word (i.e. HUSH)

Feel free to play a positive role to help our growing community raise Stress Health awareness (i.e. HUSH – Help Us Stress Health).

For solid examples, let people you care about know that my Stress Health expressions are made at the Stress Health branch of my Spirit Wave Journal, and briefer content is expressed at Stress Health's Twitter locations for Mind Healthy and Respect Cannabis.

Heartfelt Appreciation

Thank you for any help you provide us.


- Spirit Wave (or Scott, if you prefer)