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Stress Health works and relaxes to help our community improve the positive need.This photo shows a smiling Spirit Wave during his nice hike on a beautiful sunny day.

Whether you enjoy working out, relaxing in, working in, and/or relaxing out, Stress Health entertainment serves healthier being.

Feel free to relax mental tension (i.e. open your mind) during your visit here. Otherwise, typical cognitive dissonance (or mental irritation, if you prefer) will unfortunately become problematic due to the unfamiliar sensation that you may experience here. Basically, my main schtick is whole truth adherence, so not the typical spin leveraged to advance a lesser agenda within whole truth (or reality, if you prefer). I accept the risk in truly keeping it real, and I would love your company in this healthy regard. The reward is unmistakable.

In other words, for complete informational accuracy, information here comes in "pill form", not the typical "pill in sugar-coated cheese" form – no pain, no gain.

Mind Always Matters

To help millions of people (including someone close to me preferring privacy on the matter), one major Stress Health focus is helping our global community challenge Alzheimer's disease and ultimately maximize mental health for everyone.

With loving dedication to the aforementioned someone, sonic therapy (initial offering of wave therapy) by Stress Health is meticulously crafted to help entertainingly tune the listener's mind, and is freely conveniently available at my Stress Health location in the SoundCloud, though you can conveniently sample it here, if you prefer...

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Respect Cannabis

Cannabis (the scientific term for Marijuana) Prohibition is ending (based upon the whole truth and nothing but), and the resulting stress impact from worst through best is serious, so demands serious public attention righteously apart from the 'cannabis is all good' or 'cannabis is all bad' spin.

Cannabis consumption is another passion of mine, so constitutes the other major initial focus of Stress Health. While recklessly abusing this potentially very powerful psychedelic is extremely discouraged, cannabis can easily be responsibly (including mildly and consistently) consumed to help individuals negate unhealthy stress, so Respect Cannabis does not conflict with Mind Always Matters (quite the contrary).

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Three main ways to help Stress Health help others helping others (and so on):

1. Buy Stress Health Work

Resources are needed for any exercise, so feel free to feel obligated to buy Stress Health "thankyouness".

2. Join Our Team

Joining our Stress Health team is (at least arguably) easy.

3. Spread Our Word (i.e. HUSH)

Whether creatively socializing (like the ice bucket challenge), or quick-n-easy sharing, feel free to play a positive role in helping our community raise Stress Health awareness (i.e. HUSH – Help Us Stress Health). Let people you care about know that brief announcements are made at our Twitter home, and my journal offers more depth and closer interaction.

Heartfelt Appreciation

Thank you for any help you provide us. I am going above and beyond to find the right way to reward those of you going above and beyond for us.


- Spirit Wave (or Scott, if you prefer)