Dear Being,

Stress Health works and relaxes to help our community improve positive needs.This photo shows a smiling Spirit Wave during his nice hike on a beautiful sunny day.

Whether you enjoy working out, relaxing in, working in, and/or relaxing out, Stress Health entertainment serves healthier being.

Challenging Alzheimer's Disease

To help millions of people (including someone close to me), one of Stress Health's primary focuses is upon helping our global community work against Alzheimer's disease, and we need your help.

Cannabis Grows

Cannabis (the scientific term for marijuana) Prohibition is ending, and the resulting stress impact from worst through best is serious, so cannabis consumption is the other primary Stress Health focus. To ensure maximum Stress Health impact on this key matter, we need your help.


Three main ways to help Stress Health help our community:

1. Buy Stress Health Work

Confidently know that 7% of Stress Health audio sculpture purchases is given to Alzheimer's Association, another 7% goes to MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), and the rest thankfully allows yours truly to continue focusing upon generating more entertainment to meet the positive need. Your help is powerfully needed for us all on this front, so please feel free to feel obligated to buy now.

2. Join Our Team

Join our Stress Health team for our first walk (the Walk to End Alzheimer's Disease) and much more.

3. Spread Our Word

Whether creatively socializing (like the ice bucket challenge), or quick-n-easy sharing, please feel free to play a positive role in helping our community raise Stress Health awareness. Let people you care about know that brief announcements are made at our Twitter home, and my journal offers more depth and closer interaction.

Heartfelt Appreciation

Thank you for any help you provide us. I am going above and beyond to find the right way to reward those of you going above and beyond for us.


- Spirit Wave (a.k.a. Scott)